ΑΚRΑΙΟΝ ROOMS is located on Penteli avenue (Leoforos Pentelis) at number 143 just two miles from junction 12 (L. Pentelis) of Attiki Odos, towards Penteli. Served by two bus lines with a stop in front of our entrance (bus stop "Mitsos - Anna") which at no time can take you to the suburban railway station and to a subway station and from there to go very easily to the airport Eleftherios Venizelos, at the port of Piraeus or in the city centre of Athens. The name of the bus stop ("Mitsos - Anna") comes from the famous homonym restaurant that served people in our space from 1963 to 2007 and nowadays works -fully renovated- as a café - restaurant.
AKRAION ROOMS is located very close to the historic Monastery of Penteli and the natural beauties of Penteli mountain, where is one of the last forests around Attica. Nearby are the hospitals “Paidon Pentelis”, “414 Military Hospital”, “Hospitals of IKA - Social Security (“Papadimitriou”, “Bobola” and “Amalia Fleming - Tsagkari”) and “Sismanoglio Hospital”. If you have a car, you can visit the beaches of eastern Attica and the historic Marathon through Penteli mountain (about 30 minutes trip). All of our areas, sites and rooms are fully renovated and harmonized in modern residence requirements.